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Back to Back — April 27, 2013

Back to Back

After the workout last night (Wednesday) I got home and I was star-ving.

Had to have a real big girl meal.

Ended up with this.

Big Girl Burger
Big Girl Burger

Grass Fed Beef Ranch Burger with Bacon and Avocado. Side of Cascadia Farm Fries. All gone. Lickity split.

So I was barely ready for the next day (Thursday), but when I showed up we covered the skills. No hesitation. Can’t do many of the ring things. But my ring supports are getting longer! 9 seconds consistently.

We covered the Turkish Get Up – Figured out my left arm/hand is weaker and less stable than my right. Another something to work on.

This turned out to be, by far, my hardest day yet. The last skill we covered – Clean.

Cleaning is a difficult, quick, precise movement that Coach said takes years to master. I just wanted to get the basics down.

I did.  A few times. Then we started the workout.


Coach said he would be happy if I got 4 rounds of 4 cleans, 8 KB swings, 40 jumpropes in the 15 minute allotment.

My body fatigued quickly. I got 7 full rounds but felt like only maybe 3 rounds included good cleans. Started at #30 with the KBs, had to go down to #20 halfway through. I’m telling you. Fatigue. It’s a real thing.

I never want to do back-to-back days again. But my schedule doesn’t allow that luxury. I think it’s happening again next week.


Pushing and Practicing — April 26, 2013

Pushing and Practicing


We covered skills for the day (written in orange in the picture below). Some were a little trickier than others. Wall balls look way easier on YouTube. Rowing I really enjoyed. Gotta work on keeping my wrists from bending too much. Not good for us interpreters, ya know.




Then we started the WOD (written in black). I pushed a #45 racked bar. And pressed it. And pushed. And pressed. Oh my goodness. Shoulders on fire. In between all the push pressing there were box jumps to do. To top it off, I made the mistake of wearing my regular Nike shoes (I wanted to practice my rope climbing – Vibrams are too thin for that). Concrete blocks holding me to the ground. That’s what they were. Had a few false starts on the longer rounds of jumps. Coach would say “Keep your feet moving!” Very motivational but very difficult considering the weight I was carrying around.


But I finished the “10-15 minute” workout in 7:36. Thank God. It felt like it would never end.

After that torture, I wanted to stick around and practice some of the skills that I had learned in previous sessions.

First on the ticket – Double Unders. 5 minutes of that and I gave up. Failure just isn’t motivating.

Something I might have more luck with…rope climbing. Those clunky shoes were about to earn their keep.


The rope didn’t slice through the shoes and I can work my way up about half-way. It’s the heights that keep me low, rather than the climbing. It freaks the freaks out of me. I definitely would never try going to the top without someone in there with me. I just wanted to work on the climbing maneuvers. Which I did. Successfully.

Also – knees-to-elbows. I got my kipping motion down and can finally get a K2E! Now just have to work on getting consecutive K2Es. Rhythm. It’s a key factor, apparently.


Lastly. Unassisted pull-up. Can’t do one. But. I sure can do a negative. And hold the position. Building strength one day at a time. Patience is also key.


Working myself to death and then practicing skills is painful. And tiring.

But it will be worth it.

Wee Crossfitter! — April 21, 2013
Double-Under — April 20, 2013


Usually my ‘off’ days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I work Fri/Sat and Sundays are..well, Sundays! This weekend I didn’t have to work so I’m keeping Friday as an ‘on day’. Monday I have some appointments so that will an ‘off’ day. Anyhow. It works itself out.

I was planning on doing an at-home workout today but my hubby texted me while I was at work and asked if I wanted to catch an evening class together.

Hm. Why, yes – I did.

We rarely get a night off together so it was double the fun to be able to be together and workout together! (You’ll understand that pun in a second.)

We decided on the 6:30 PM class.

I remembered my gloves. And my hair was secure.

I neglected to mention in my earlier posts that when Coach was teaching me the Double-Under skill…that I did it! Once. And upon completion of the one rep, my body somehow got thrown backward and I ended up on my tush. I took that as a sign that I should stop.

So for the warm-up tonight, 100 DUs were written on the board (along with many other things!). Well. I can only do 1 DU. I didn’t fall on my bottom this time (improvement!), but I did end up whipping myself a few times. So. After about 10 minutes of getting one at a time, I moved on. I’m sure it will come.

Warm Up Goal: 10 consecutive DUs by the end of my training period.

It was nice to meet some other girls (Justin was the only guy besides Coach!) who were all at different levels of fitness and I met the female coach (Coach’s girlfriend!). She started us off with some instruction in squats, front squats and then Coach pulled me aside for a quick run down of a Clean.

Start of a Clean
Start of My Clean

I’ll have to practice this more. A. Lot. More.

I can get it started but it’s meant to be a super quick movement and I feel like the slo-mo guy in all the movies who knows that something is about to happen but has no control over it. Eh.

Coach said that’s a session 4 skill so he didn’t expect me to get it in the 3 minutes we had before the workout. *Whew.

So. They have the “as prescribed” (RX) WOD. I did the workout to scale. (Meaning the stronger people did the regular work out, and it was scaled down for me.)

Workout Goal: Do an RXd workout before my training is complete.

My work out looked like this-

5 minutes AMRepsAP:

10 Front Squats (#65)

10 Box Jumps (20″)

My Box to Jump
My Box to Jump

Rest for exactly 5 minutes

5 minute AMRAP:

10 Knee Tucks

7 Push Ups

Total Rep Count: 167

(I’ll try and post the scoreboard later)

I was really happy with my rep count – I felt like I pushed myself and made every second count.

I ended up with girl pushups before my second round. It’s hit and miss with my pushups.

‘S ok. I made it through. Finishing is the goal.

Hurting Hands & Horrible Hair — April 18, 2013

Hurting Hands & Horrible Hair

I need to remember to bring my gloves.

Every time.

Our skill building portion consisted of toes-to-bar, dead lifts, sumo dead lifts, rope climbs, and tire flips. So, lots of gripping.

The skin on my hands is still crying. My husband offered no sympathy.

My hands hurt more than any other part of my body!
My hands hurt more than any other part of my body!

I also need to remember to secure my hair up and tight. Totally wasn’t thinking this morning when I did my hair like this.


It turned into this as soon as I started my warm-up.


Lessons learned.

We also worked on handstand pushups. Now that is a serious skill. I worked up to the handstand position, at least. The pushup part..well. I can let myself down about halfway with a controlled motion. All the blood rushing to my skull is going to take some getting used to. (Have to admit. It was a challenge doing those in a skirt. But I did.) I’ll be practicing more at home. Just have to find a wall that I won’t bust a hole in if I kick-up too hard.

So after all the skill building (45 minutes) we got to the workout!

For Time: 5 rounds

1 Rope Climb (I did it to scale – not fully confident in my grip yet. I did the #2 progression seen on this video.)

5 Deadlifts (#75)

10 Knee-Tucks (Scaled version of toes-to-bar)

My time: 8:14

I wanted under 10. Before we start, I tend to ask Coach how long he thinks it will take. And I try to beat that time. Today he said 10-15 minutes. That estimate got the beat-down.

I’m really working on upping my protein intake so I had a protein shake this morning, turkey for lunch, boiled eggs and some pork as soon as I got home and chicken with dinner. And that’s still not enough. I’ll have to have another shake before bed. Sheesh.

At Home Workout —

At Home Workout

I woke up sore.

Not a shocker – just a fact.

It’s not my day to meet with my trainer but it definitely is not an ‘off’ day!

I texted the girls who work out with me at our at-home outdoor gym to make sure I’d have some partners in my work out today. 4:00 PM was the appointed time.

I’m not sure how comfy cozy my partners are with having their names and scores posted so their names shall remain anonymous 🙂 Their scores, however, are open game!

My husband set us up with this brutal compilation. You can do this same workout (all you need is a pull up bar).

If you do – I want to know! Leave a comment or email me at

3 Rounds:

200 Meter Run (as fast as possible) – 30 seconds of pull ups (As Many Reps As Possible) – 30 seconds squats (AMRAP) – 30 seconds pushup (AMRAP)

1 2 Hillary
200 Meter Run         35.9          37.3          31.3
Jumping Pull Ups 41 41 41
Squats 21 18 26
Pushups 14 17 22
200 Meter Run          44.1          40.1          32.5
Jumping Pull Ups 18 43 41
Squats 13 18 24
Pushups 10 17 21
200 Meter Run          1:02          38.2          32.8
Jumping Pull Ups X 48 47
Squats 20 21 25
Pushups 17 20 18

Someone almost threw up.

Then it was the guys’ turn to take it on. They only made it through 3 rounds, too. They were supposed to do 5 :/

Meeting up with Coach tomorrow…I think I get to learn the rope climb.

If I can lift my arms above my head, that’d be a good start, eh?

Go Time. — April 16, 2013

Go Time.

I met with my coach for the first time yesterday to schedule out some one-on-one sessions. He gave me the tour – asked me if I was intimidated.

I laughed nervously and said no. I really wasn’t. I was just unsure of what to expect.

He asked me what my goals were. I told him. I want to do unassisted pullups. I want to deadlift #250. I want to do a muscle up. The list was extensive. But basically – I want to be stronger.

So this morning before the sun peeked out, I packed my work-out bag. Brought extra water. And strawberries. I was worried about my blood sugar taking a nosedive.

I ate a brownie for breakfast. Gluten-free, of course. Rudi’s toast and half a banana.

Took all my vitamins. Packed a hearty lunch. I didn’t want any excuse to flitter around in my mind.

I later regretted the brownie.

As soon as I got off work I rushed over there to make it for our 3:00 PM appointment. My wonderful husband was already there to support me. Or laugh at me. (No, not really. He’s definitely the supportive type.) And to capture some images for me on my first day.


Height: 5 feet 4 inches tall

Weight: 125

Baseline Workout: 2 rounds for time

200 Meter Run – 10 Pull-Ups – 20 Push-Ups – 30 Sit-Ups – 40 Squats

Ending Time: 13:05

Worst part? Pull ups. I had to do them with the band. I feel like a little girl. Hope that gets better.

Favorite part? Coach was “shocked” that I had such perfect form for the 4 basic movements. Self-esteem brownie points! Wait. Maybe just points. I’ve done enough with brownies today.

My version of pull-ups.
My version of pull-ups.
Keep your hands close.
Keep your hands close.
Tuck those elbows.
Tuck those elbows.
Workin' out the burpee.
Workin’ out the burpee.
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