I woke up sore.

Not a shocker – just a fact.

It’s not my day to meet with my trainer but it definitely is not an ‘off’ day!

I texted the girls who work out with me at our at-home outdoor gym to make sure I’d have some partners in my work out today. 4:00 PM was the appointed time.

I’m not sure how comfy cozy my partners are with having their names and scores posted so their names shall remain anonymous 🙂 Their scores, however, are open game!

My husband set us up with this brutal compilation. You can do this same workout (all you need is a pull up bar).

If you do – I want to know! Leave a comment or email me at hillary.jeter@gmail.com

3 Rounds:

200 Meter Run (as fast as possible) – 30 seconds of pull ups (As Many Reps As Possible) – 30 seconds squats (AMRAP) – 30 seconds pushup (AMRAP)

1 2 Hillary
200 Meter Run         35.9          37.3          31.3
Jumping Pull Ups 41 41 41
Squats 21 18 26
Pushups 14 17 22
200 Meter Run          44.1          40.1          32.5
Jumping Pull Ups 18 43 41
Squats 13 18 24
Pushups 10 17 21
200 Meter Run          1:02          38.2          32.8
Jumping Pull Ups X 48 47
Squats 20 21 25
Pushups 17 20 18

Someone almost threw up.

Then it was the guys’ turn to take it on. They only made it through 3 rounds, too. They were supposed to do 5 :/

Meeting up with Coach tomorrow…I think I get to learn the rope climb.

If I can lift my arms above my head, that’d be a good start, eh?