I need to remember to bring my gloves.

Every time.

Our skill building portion consisted of toes-to-bar, dead lifts, sumo dead lifts, rope climbs, and tire flips. So, lots of gripping.

The skin on my hands is still crying. My husband offered no sympathy.

My hands hurt more than any other part of my body!
My hands hurt more than any other part of my body!

I also need to remember to secure my hair up and tight. Totally wasn’t thinking this morning when I did my hair like this.


It turned into this as soon as I started my warm-up.


Lessons learned.

We also worked on handstand pushups. Now that is a serious skill. I worked up to the handstand position, at least. The pushup part..well. I can let myself down about halfway with a controlled motion. All the blood rushing to my skull is going to take some getting used to. (Have to admit. It was a challenge doing those in a skirt. But I did.) I’ll be practicing more at home. Just have to find a wall that I won’t bust a hole in if I kick-up too hard.

So after all the skill building (45 minutes) we got to the workout!

For Time: 5 rounds

1 Rope Climb (I did it to scale – not fully confident in my grip yet. I did the #2 progression seen on this video.)

5 Deadlifts (#75)

10 Knee-Tucks (Scaled version of toes-to-bar)

My time: 8:14

I wanted under 10. Before we start, I tend to ask Coach how long he thinks it will take. And I try to beat that time. Today he said 10-15 minutes. That estimate got the beat-down.

I’m really working on upping my protein intake so I had a protein shake this morning, turkey for lunch, boiled eggs and some pork as soon as I got home and chicken with dinner. And that’s still not enough. I’ll have to have another shake before bed. Sheesh.