Usually my ‘off’ days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I work Fri/Sat and Sundays are..well, Sundays! This weekend I didn’t have to work so I’m keeping Friday as an ‘on day’. Monday I have some appointments so that will an ‘off’ day. Anyhow. It works itself out.

I was planning on doing an at-home workout today but my hubby texted me while I was at work and asked if I wanted to catch an evening class together.

Hm. Why, yes – I did.

We rarely get a night off together so it was double the fun to be able to be together and workout together! (You’ll understand that pun in a second.)

We decided on the 6:30 PM class.

I remembered my gloves. And my hair was secure.

I neglected to mention in my earlier posts that when Coach was teaching me the Double-Under skill…that I did it! Once. And upon completion of the one rep, my body somehow got thrown backward and I ended up on my tush. I took that as a sign that I should stop.

So for the warm-up tonight, 100 DUs were written on the board (along with many other things!). Well. I can only do 1 DU. I didn’t fall on my bottom this time (improvement!), but I did end up whipping myself a few times. So. After about 10 minutes of getting one at a time, I moved on. I’m sure it will come.

Warm Up Goal: 10 consecutive DUs by the end of my training period.

It was nice to meet some other girls (Justin was the only guy besides Coach!) who were all at different levels of fitness and I met the female coach (Coach’s girlfriend!). She started us off with some instruction in squats, front squats and then Coach pulled me aside for a quick run down of a Clean.

Start of a Clean
Start of My Clean

I’ll have to practice this more. A. Lot. More.

I can get it started but it’s meant to be a super quick movement and I feel like the slo-mo guy in all the movies who knows that something is about to happen but has no control over it. Eh.

Coach said that’s a session 4 skill so he didn’t expect me to get it in the 3 minutes we had before the workout. *Whew.

So. They have the “as prescribed” (RX) WOD. I did the workout to scale. (Meaning the stronger people did the regular work out, and it was scaled down for me.)

Workout Goal: Do an RXd workout before my training is complete.

My work out looked like this-

5 minutes AMRepsAP:

10 Front Squats (#65)

10 Box Jumps (20″)

My Box to Jump
My Box to Jump

Rest for exactly 5 minutes

5 minute AMRAP:

10 Knee Tucks

7 Push Ups

Total Rep Count: 167

(I’ll try and post the scoreboard later)

I was really happy with my rep count – I felt like I pushed myself and made every second count.

I ended up with girl pushups before my second round. It’s hit and miss with my pushups.

‘S ok. I made it through. Finishing is the goal.