We covered skills for the day (written in orange in the picture below). Some were a little trickier than others. Wall balls look way easier on YouTube. Rowing I really enjoyed. Gotta work on keeping my wrists from bending too much. Not good for us interpreters, ya know.




Then we started the WOD (written in black). I pushed a #45 racked bar. And pressed it. And pushed. And pressed. Oh my goodness. Shoulders on fire. In between all the push pressing there were box jumps to do. To top it off, I made the mistake of wearing my regular Nike shoes (I wanted to practice my rope climbing – Vibrams are too thin for that). Concrete blocks holding me to the ground. That’s what they were. Had a few false starts on the longer rounds of jumps. Coach would say “Keep your feet moving!” Very motivational but very difficult considering the weight I was carrying around.


But I finished the “10-15 minute” workout in 7:36. Thank God. It felt like it would never end.

After that torture, I wanted to stick around and practice some of the skills that I had learned in previous sessions.

First on the ticket – Double Unders. 5 minutes of that and I gave up. Failure just isn’t motivating.

Something I might have more luck with…rope climbing. Those clunky shoes were about to earn their keep.


The rope didn’t slice through the shoes and I can work my way up about half-way. It’s the heights that keep me low, rather than the climbing. It freaks the freaks out of me. I definitely would never try going to the top without someone in there with me. I just wanted to work on the climbing maneuvers. Which I did. Successfully.

Also – knees-to-elbows. I got my kipping motion down and can finally get a K2E! Now just have to work on getting consecutive K2Es. Rhythm. It’s a key factor, apparently.


Lastly. Unassisted pull-up. Can’t do one. But. I sure can do a negative. And hold the position. Building strength one day at a time. Patience is also key.


Working myself to death and then practicing skills is painful. And tiring.

But it will be worth it.