After the workout last night (Wednesday) I got home and I was star-ving.

Had to have a real big girl meal.

Ended up with this.

Big Girl Burger
Big Girl Burger

Grass Fed Beef Ranch Burger with Bacon and Avocado. Side of Cascadia Farm Fries. All gone. Lickity split.

So I was barely ready for the next day (Thursday), but when I showed up we covered the skills. No hesitation. Can’t do many of the ring things. But my ring supports are getting longer! 9 seconds consistently.

We covered the Turkish Get Up – Figured out my left arm/hand is weaker and less stable than my right. Another something to work on.

This turned out to be, by far, my hardest day yet. The last skill we covered – Clean.

Cleaning is a difficult, quick, precise movement that Coach said takes years to master. I just wanted to get the basics down.

I did.  A few times. Then we started the workout.


Coach said he would be happy if I got 4 rounds of 4 cleans, 8 KB swings, 40 jumpropes in the 15 minute allotment.

My body fatigued quickly. I got 7 full rounds but felt like only maybe 3 rounds included good cleans. Started at #30 with the KBs, had to go down to #20 halfway through. I’m telling you. Fatigue. It’s a real thing.

I never want to do back-to-back days again. But my schedule doesn’t allow that luxury. I think it’s happening again next week.