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Memorial Day 2013 — May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Had quite the crowd gather for a very memorable workout today at the outdoor gym!

Altogether, 6 women and 2 men completed a great workout!


*Some chose to scale the rep count to 30*

Everyone finished between 20 and 30 minutes!

I did #20 for snatches and a 20″ box for the jumps. Both of those were unbroken. When I got to my pushups (scaled-on my knees), I had to break them up. That upper body strength is still escaping me. The run at the end was killer. Longest 800 meters. Ever.

I finished with a 23:26

Then a few hours later we a got together for a cookout and some time in the sun 🙂

The boys got a little crazy in the gator pool!

*Just FYI, my husband and I are moving in 2 weeks so there will be no more outdoor gym workouts being posted. Sad, I know. But hopefully my friends will still take advantage of the setup and still get themselves out there for some workouts.

Tomorrow, I see coach from 3-4 and then will do outdoor gym stuff with some girls 🙂 I’ll keep ya posted!


Proof. — May 25, 2013


So I did it again.

Back to back days. I’ll never learn.

Tuesday – 5/21


I was wanting a sub-10. Dropped my Kettle Bell right on the 10:00 mark. I had to accept the reality.

Last time I did KB Swings…I was at #20. With the #30, I felt like I kept my form and was able to handle it! That, my friends is proof. Proof of improvement. Proof of increased strength, ability and agility.


After all that fun we moved onto the skill – Negative Pull Ups.

Ehrmergersh. It was supposed to be a HOLD with a negative. body totally couldn’t hold anything up. Much less my own body weight!

Even better – after 10 of those babies, we did weight holds! Basically, you load a bar with some weight and hold it over your head as long as possible. I was really  happy with these results!

5 Rounds @ #75. I was shooting for 30 seconds and hit 1:00 on 2/5! *See Photo Above*

Wednesday – 5/22

I woke up totally feeling like my back, and arms were tightly wound! As the day progressed, I wanted to work out the kinks so bad!

No worries…Coach had that all taken care of!

4 Rounds (w/ 1 minute rest between):

400 Meter Run

Max Bench Press Reps (#45)

Max Pull Up Reps (chest to bar w/green band).

I crawled away from this with a total of 93 reps and a full mile run.

Still have mixed feelings. I feel like I should’ve done better.

But I finished. And didn’t someone say that was the goal…..?

Sunday..A Funday! — May 22, 2013

Sunday..A Funday!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were rest days. Well, they were busy days (Touch the Future Conference) and I was exhausted. But I rested from deliberate workouts.

So Sunday (May 19th) my husband was home and we convinced some of our friends that a 9:00 AM workout was a good idea!

We all gathered at the post-storm outdoor gym for an awesome 5 rounds of torture!

1 Tire Flip

10 Plated Lunges (#35 for me)

10 Jumping Pull Ups

10 Box Jumps

We did that 5 times and each time the number of tire flips went up by one rep. So the last round started off with 5 tire flips.

My husband thinks I finished in 8:30. He must be right. He was the one holding the timer. I’m still feeling the effects of those lunges in my tushy.

Last time I did plated lunges I did that at #25 so I was happy to get through them with the #35s!

I love working out with my friends! Whether first timers or long-time workout buddies…the camaraderie and encouragement that is given and received cannot be compared!

Everybody finished! That’s always the goal. Above all else!

Ball Slams. Sounds Painful… —

Ball Slams. Sounds Painful…

It is my second session with Bianca. We are into the second half of my 16 weeks now.

She thought this would be a good intro to this stretch of time.

5 Rounds:

7 Push Ups (scaled)

7 Back Squats @ #75

7 Ball Slams @ #20

Yep…I see the perplexed look on your face. Click here for the how-to-do-Ball-Slams video.

I actually got the coordination of catching the ball pretty quickly and finished this WOD in 6:13.


Threw in some core work towards the end of all this.

Then we did some hamstring work,chest presses, bicep work, triceps work and shoulder work. This is the first time since starting this that I’ve done isolated movements! It was fun to switch it up and have something familiar to work with.

Can’t wait to lift again. Honestly…it’s like a drug. My body loves it.


Mother’s Day, Baseline and a Goat —

Mother’s Day, Baseline and a Goat

So Mother’s Day weekend was well spent in Orlando with my wonderful family and the lady of the hour…my beautiful mother-in-law!


We started it off by buying a car. An SUV. A truck? A Ford Explorer. Anyhow…paid in cash. It’s for my husband. Happy Mother’s Day to him 🙂


Then we ate a fabulous, hearty, gluten-free lunch at Burger 21. Salivating, much? This girl loves beef.

image_5 image_6

Then we ate some dinner! Family style…with cheesecake in a jar for dessert. GF, of course.


Alright, alright…wipe the drool. You’re embarrassing me.

Then I got to lay poolside with my nephews. A weekend of bliss. A much needed weekend of bliss.

Then Monday rolled around. *Cue tragic sigh of regret.

This is the week I was meeting with Coach’s girlfriend (remember the Beautiful Beast?)

So I wanted to redo my baseline to see if I could shave a minute or two off of my time. Even if I was coming off of a weekend of gluttony.

Baseline Workout: 2 rounds for time

200 Meter Run – 10 Pull-Ups – 20 Push-Ups – 30 Sit-Ups – 40 Squats

First Ending Time on April 16th – 13:05

Second Ending Time on May 13th – 9:47

Improvement? I think yes. I was delighted. Visible improvement. Tangible improvement. It’s the best kind.

So that was on Monday.

Tuesday, it was no time for a day off.

It was Goat Day. That means stuff I stink at, I have to work on.

Goats for the day? Running and handstands.


Kept it under 10:00. That’s a good thing. Not ideal – but good. I kept going. That’s a good thing. Mind over matter.

Then the dreaded handstand. I’ve been doing them against my wall and have finally graduated (with some healthy instruction from my flexible sister-in-law) to doing them outside – no wall.

After trying. And trying. And falling…


This Goat’s been got.



Week 4 —

Week 4

So May 7th and 9th were my 7th and 8th session with Coach.

Half way through our 16 sessions and my FIRST RX WORKOUT! Whoopwhoop!! I did the entire workout as prescribed…no scaling it down! So – I have accomplished one of my goals…I love that feeling. 🙂

May 7th
May 7th – Hillary J. Rx

The running left me huffing and puffing. Getting 1/2 by body weight over my head was tough, too. Oh, and the burpees were exhausting.

This was a fantastic test of my stamina, mental capacity and desire to live.

I was shooting for 88 reps (3 full rounds) but the Ground->Overheads were s—l—o—w going. But another workout is in the books.

May 9th
May 9th

So this one was pretty ridic, too. Started with some overhead presses (OH Press). Trying to find my 2 rep max.

We found it. Putting a jerk on it, I could do 75#.
*For a quick look at what a jerk is, click here*

Then we turned to the WOD. You can read it for yourself above.

Box Jumps – I survived. Almost face planted near the end. My brain was faster than my feet.

Sumo Dead Lift High Pull – See a great little tutorial by clicking here.

Wall Balls – These were fun. Not. Still working on my altitude for these. I can get my 10# ball between the 8 and 10 foot marks. But mostly to the 8. See a good vs. bad tutorial here.

Then I went home and ate. A lot.

Honestly – I can say I l-o-v-e what these types of workout do for my body. I feel like I can conquer the world when I finish them.

Overall, would highly recommend this type of fitness routine to any and all Type A personalities who are results orientated, work well with goal setting, love checking off lists and relish in overall feelings of accomplishment.



Manic Monday — May 6, 2013

Manic Monday

It was an amazingly beautiful day to be outdoors! Love, love, loved it!

Didn’t have any work out partners today. Boo.

Probably good though. Anybody who did this would probably hate me upon its completion.


I figured at least 5-7 minutes for each round. It was going to be rough on the legs.


I was right on both accounts. 5-7 minutes per round and rough on the legs. By the last round I was doing my squats in increments of 10.


Then I did 20 post-workout push presses. Just cause I felt like my upper body didn’t get enough attention.


And then my fabulous sister-in-law accompanied me for a mile around the neighborhood!

And her horse. Delilah.


I’m tellin’ ya. I could not get enough of the outdoors.

Then I volleyed around with my other sister-in-law in our backyard for a bit.

Delightful day. End of story.

Girl’s Workout — May 2, 2013

Girl’s Workout


I warmed up and couldn’t even jump rope without feeling this weird heady-achy thing. Not a great way to start off.

I grabbed an apple from the car hoping that would resolve my issue.

Coach pointed to the board. It was our workout for the day.


Coach’s girlfriend joined me for this workout. It was actually really great to have someone to try and keep up with! *Emphasis on try. She’s beautiful and a beast!*

I opted for the knee tucks and my overhead weight was #15. It was about 100 feet of length for the lunges, not really a set number of them.

He figured 20 minutes from start to finish.

We set out for out first round. As soon as I hit the ground running, I regretted that apple.

Overall, the most difficult parts were the knee tucks (Coach had me working on getting them to be L-sits) and the ring rows…// Surprisingly, it wasn’t the pushups this time! But, really….pushups are still hard. Those other two things were just harder!

I finished at just over 19 minutes. I barely outdid his prediction.

Coach nixed the post sit-ups since he had already tortured me with those the day before. Instead, we did half-moons with the #15 plate. He said the plate and I were going to be best friends. Indeed.

*Click here for the closest video I could find of the half-moon.

My soreness from Tuesday definitely kicked in all day Wednesday. It felt good to work out all the stiffness with all the variety in this workout.


And bonus. My name is on the board and has been blogged and Instagrammed 🙂


I wasn’t the slowest..So that’s good, eh?

Gashes & Gams —

Gashes & Gams


I slashed my toe open at work on Tuesday. Coach said he would work around it if it bothered me by being in my Vibrams.

Stylishly Bandaged.
Stylishly Bandaged.

It didn’t.

So we continued as planned.

Found my 3 Rep Max for back squats. We started at #45. I stopped at #120. Felt good about that.

Then. He wrote down the actual workout.


I was thinking 6 ROUNDS?! I calculated about 4-5 minutes for each round so at least 24 minutes. Coach figured 20 minutes would be more accurate. So that was my number to beat: 20

The Setup
The Setup

Had to squat until I met the ball – and the pushups were ‘Pancake Pushups’ as my husband recently dubbed them. But there was nothing pancakey about the workout as a whole. My legs were burning intensely by the start of round 3. Between the back squats, air squats and dead lifts – I was a mess.

Shockingly, the start of round 3 was at the 5 minute mark. Whoa. I was not expecting that kind of speed. I slowed down to pace myself (ok. I just slowed down because I had to) by the end of round 3. By the 10 minute mark, I was mentally reaching to be done under 15 minutes. Coach was pushing me for under 13 minutes. Hmph.

Where did that 20 minute goal disappear to?

I didn’t hit the new 13 minute goal. But I was happy with my result.image_4

Coach was apparently so happy with my result that he rewarded me with 100 post-workout ab mat situps.

Did you catch that? 100.

I sat up in bed the next morning and was in pain. Laughing? Ouch. Coughing? Sore.

At least we know those work.


Georgia Getaway —

Georgia Getaway

A Walk to the Park
A Walk to the Park


We spent the weekend with my sister and her beautiful family in GA! Justin had the Superhero Scramble on Saturday but before that, we got some fresh air with the kiddos 🙂 Justin was more active than I was over the weekend but here are a few shots of our fun in the sun.

Justin showed off some of his skills in the soft GA grass – Brynn had to take a turn and try it out!

Brynn trying out the handstand
Brynn’s ‘Handstand’

Chantry also got in on the fun!

Little Climber
Little Climber

Friday night we had a double-date night with Katie & Clint – Flip Burger Boutique put us all in a food-induced coma! Yumm!

On Saturday, Justin ran the race with a friend from Atlanta. It was rainy, cold and all around ick! I stayed home and in my pajamas all day. Such a rare luxury.

Calm down.

I have back to back days set up with Coach for Tuesday & Wednesday. I’ll make up for all this craziness in no time.