I slashed my toe open at work on Tuesday. Coach said he would work around it if it bothered me by being in my Vibrams.

Stylishly Bandaged.
Stylishly Bandaged.

It didn’t.

So we continued as planned.

Found my 3 Rep Max for back squats. We started at #45. I stopped at #120. Felt good about that.

Then. He wrote down the actual workout.


I was thinking 6 ROUNDS?! I calculated about 4-5 minutes for each round so at least 24 minutes. Coach figured 20 minutes would be more accurate. So that was my number to beat: 20

The Setup
The Setup

Had to squat until I met the ball – and the pushups were ‘Pancake Pushups’ as my husband recently dubbed them. But there was nothing pancakey about the workout as a whole. My legs were burning intensely by the start of round 3. Between the back squats, air squats and dead lifts – I was a mess.

Shockingly, the start of round 3 was at the 5 minute mark. Whoa. I was not expecting that kind of speed. I slowed down to pace myself (ok. I just slowed down because I had to) by the end of round 3. By the 10 minute mark, I was mentally reaching to be done under 15 minutes. Coach was pushing me for under 13 minutes. Hmph.

Where did that 20 minute goal disappear to?

I didn’t hit the new 13 minute goal. But I was happy with my result.image_4

Coach was apparently so happy with my result that he rewarded me with 100 post-workout ab mat situps.

Did you catch that? 100.

I sat up in bed the next morning and was in pain. Laughing? Ouch. Coughing? Sore.

At least we know those work.