I warmed up and couldn’t even jump rope without feeling this weird heady-achy thing. Not a great way to start off.

I grabbed an apple from the car hoping that would resolve my issue.

Coach pointed to the board. It was our workout for the day.


Coach’s girlfriend joined me for this workout. It was actually really great to have someone to try and keep up with! *Emphasis on try. She’s beautiful and a beast!*

I opted for the knee tucks and my overhead weight was #15. It was about 100 feet of length for the lunges, not really a set number of them.

He figured 20 minutes from start to finish.

We set out for out first round. As soon as I hit the ground running, I regretted that apple.

Overall, the most difficult parts were the knee tucks (Coach had me working on getting them to be L-sits) and the ring rows…// Surprisingly, it wasn’t the pushups this time! But, really….pushups are still hard. Those other two things were just harder!

I finished at just over 19 minutes. I barely outdid his prediction.

Coach nixed the post sit-ups since he had already tortured me with those the day before. Instead, we did half-moons with the #15 plate. He said the plate and I were going to be best friends. Indeed.

*Click here for the closest video I could find of the half-moon.

My soreness from Tuesday definitely kicked in all day Wednesday. It felt good to work out all the stiffness with all the variety in this workout.


And bonus. My name is on the board and has been blogged and Instagrammed šŸ™‚


I wasn’t the slowest..So that’s good, eh?