It was an amazingly beautiful day to be outdoors! Love, love, loved it!

Didn’t have any work out partners today. Boo.

Probably good though. Anybody who did this would probably hate me upon its completion.


I figured at least 5-7 minutes for each round. It was going to be rough on the legs.


I was right on both accounts. 5-7 minutes per round and rough on the legs. By the last round I was doing my squats in increments of 10.


Then I did 20 post-workout push presses. Just cause I felt like my upper body didn’t get enough attention.


And then my fabulous sister-in-law accompanied me for a mile around the neighborhood!

And her horse. Delilah.


I’m tellin’ ya. I could not get enough of the outdoors.

Then I volleyed around with my other sister-in-law in our backyard for a bit.

Delightful day. End of story.