It is my second session with Bianca. We are into the second half of my 16 weeks now.

She thought this would be a good intro to this stretch of time.

5 Rounds:

7 Push Ups (scaled)

7 Back Squats @ #75

7 Ball Slams @ #20

Yep…I see the perplexed look on your face. Click here for the how-to-do-Ball-Slams video.

I actually got the coordination of catching the ball pretty quickly and finished this WOD in 6:13.


Threw in some core work towards the end of all this.

Then we did some hamstring work,chest presses, bicep work, triceps work and shoulder work. This is the first time since starting this that I’ve done isolated movements! It was fun to switch it up and have something familiar to work with.

Can’t wait to lift again. Honestly…it’s like a drug. My body loves it.