So Mother’s Day weekend was well spent in Orlando with my wonderful family and the lady of the hour…my beautiful mother-in-law!


We started it off by buying a car. An SUV. A truck? A Ford Explorer. Anyhow…paid in cash. It’s for my husband. Happy Mother’s Day to him 🙂


Then we ate a fabulous, hearty, gluten-free lunch at Burger 21. Salivating, much? This girl loves beef.

image_5 image_6

Then we ate some dinner! Family style…with cheesecake in a jar for dessert. GF, of course.


Alright, alright…wipe the drool. You’re embarrassing me.

Then I got to lay poolside with my nephews. A weekend of bliss. A much needed weekend of bliss.

Then Monday rolled around. *Cue tragic sigh of regret.

This is the week I was meeting with Coach’s girlfriend (remember the Beautiful Beast?)

So I wanted to redo my baseline to see if I could shave a minute or two off of my time. Even if I was coming off of a weekend of gluttony.

Baseline Workout: 2 rounds for time

200 Meter Run – 10 Pull-Ups – 20 Push-Ups – 30 Sit-Ups – 40 Squats

First Ending Time on April 16th – 13:05

Second Ending Time on May 13th – 9:47

Improvement? I think yes. I was delighted. Visible improvement. Tangible improvement. It’s the best kind.

So that was on Monday.

Tuesday, it was no time for a day off.

It was Goat Day. That means stuff I stink at, I have to work on.

Goats for the day? Running and handstands.


Kept it under 10:00. That’s a good thing. Not ideal – but good. I kept going. That’s a good thing. Mind over matter.

Then the dreaded handstand. I’ve been doing them against my wall and have finally graduated (with some healthy instruction from my flexible sister-in-law) to doing them outside – no wall.

After trying. And trying. And falling…


This Goat’s been got.