Thursday, Friday and Saturday were rest days. Well, they were busy days (Touch the Future Conference) and I was exhausted. But I rested from deliberate workouts.

So Sunday (May 19th) my husband was home and we convinced some of our friends that a 9:00 AM workout was a good idea!

We all gathered at the post-storm outdoor gym for an awesome 5 rounds of torture!

1 Tire Flip

10 Plated Lunges (#35 for me)

10 Jumping Pull Ups

10 Box Jumps

We did that 5 times and each time the number of tire flips went up by one rep. So the last round started off with 5 tire flips.

My husband thinks I finished in 8:30. He must be right. He was the one holding the timer. I’m still feeling the effects of those lunges in my tushy.

Last time I did plated lunges I did that at #25 so I was happy to get through them with the #35s!

I love working out with my friends! Whether first timers or long-time workout buddies…the camaraderie and encouragement that is given and received cannot be compared!

Everybody finished! That’s always the goal. Above all else!