So May 7th and 9th were my 7th and 8th session with Coach.

Half way through our 16 sessions and my FIRST RX WORKOUT! Whoopwhoop!! I did the entire workout as prescribed…no scaling it down! So – I have accomplished one of my goals…I love that feeling. 🙂

May 7th
May 7th – Hillary J. Rx

The running left me huffing and puffing. Getting 1/2 by body weight over my head was tough, too. Oh, and the burpees were exhausting.

This was a fantastic test of my stamina, mental capacity and desire to live.

I was shooting for 88 reps (3 full rounds) but the Ground->Overheads were s—l—o—w going. But another workout is in the books.

May 9th
May 9th

So this one was pretty ridic, too. Started with some overhead presses (OH Press). Trying to find my 2 rep max.

We found it. Putting a jerk on it, I could do 75#.
*For a quick look at what a jerk is, click here*

Then we turned to the WOD. You can read it for yourself above.

Box Jumps – I survived. Almost face planted near the end. My brain was faster than my feet.

Sumo Dead Lift High Pull – See a great little tutorial by clicking here.

Wall Balls – These were fun. Not. Still working on my altitude for these. I can get my 10# ball between the 8 and 10 foot marks. But mostly to the 8. See a good vs. bad tutorial here.

Then I went home and ate. A lot.

Honestly – I can say I l-o-v-e what these types of workout do for my body. I feel like I can conquer the world when I finish them.

Overall, would highly recommend this type of fitness routine to any and all Type A personalities who are results orientated, work well with goal setting, love checking off lists and relish in overall feelings of accomplishment.