So I did it again.

Back to back days. I’ll never learn.

Tuesday – 5/21


I was wanting a sub-10. Dropped my Kettle Bell right on the 10:00 mark. I had to accept the reality.

Last time I did KB Swings…I was at #20. With the #30, I felt like I kept my form and was able to handle it! That, my friends is proof. Proof of improvement. Proof of increased strength, ability and agility.


After all that fun we moved onto the skill – Negative Pull Ups.

Ehrmergersh. It was supposed to be a HOLD with a negative. body totally couldn’t hold anything up. Much less my own body weight!

Even better – after 10 of those babies, we did weight holds! Basically, you load a bar with some weight and hold it over your head as long as possible. I was really  happy with these results!

5 Rounds @ #75. I was shooting for 30 seconds and hit 1:00 on 2/5! *See Photo Above*

Wednesday – 5/22

I woke up totally feeling like my back, and arms were tightly wound! As the day progressed, I wanted to work out the kinks so bad!

No worries…Coach had that all taken care of!

4 Rounds (w/ 1 minute rest between):

400 Meter Run

Max Bench Press Reps (#45)

Max Pull Up Reps (chest to bar w/green band).

I crawled away from this with a total of 93 reps and a full mile run.

Still have mixed feelings. I feel like I should’ve done better.

But I finished. And didn’t someone say that was the goal…..?