Had quite the crowd gather for a very memorable workout today at the outdoor gym!

Altogether, 6 women and 2 men completed a great workout!


*Some chose to scale the rep count to 30*

Everyone finished between 20 and 30 minutes!

I did #20 for snatches and a 20″ box for the jumps. Both of those were unbroken. When I got to my pushups (scaled-on my knees), I had to break them up. That upper body strength is still escaping me. The run at the end was killer. Longest 800 meters. Ever.

I finished with a 23:26

Then a few hours later we a got together for a cookout and some time in the sun 🙂

The boys got a little crazy in the gator pool!

*Just FYI, my husband and I are moving in 2 weeks so there will be no more outdoor gym workouts being posted. Sad, I know. But hopefully my friends will still take advantage of the setup and still get themselves out there for some workouts.

Tomorrow, I see coach from 3-4 and then will do outdoor gym stuff with some girls 🙂 I’ll keep ya posted!