Since my last post, there has been major transition in my life!

1) New apartment

2) New box

3) New job (that’s actually my old job!)

4) New schedule

5) New church

6) Basically a new chapter in my life!

It’s all very exciting but my blog has been lost in the shuffle for a bit!

One of my last sessions with Coach I brought along my sister-in-law. We had a great time pushing, pressing, box jumping, sumo pulling and wall balling! She was quite the trooper! She does outdoor work with me at home but this was her first time at the box! Fun! We did a repeat workout (one I had done earlier in our program) and I did #20 more pounds for Sumo High Pulls and only increased my time by a minute…it was rough. I’m not going to joke about that. 2 reps at a time. But the job got done.

I had my last session with Coach and we ended on a really good note! Specifically….

I PRd my deadlift!

Last time my 1 rep max was #150. That became my 5 rep max and my 3 rep max was found at #155! There is something literally addicting about lifting heavy and hitting numbers, reps and maxes that you aim for.

image_5 image_4

It was a sad goodbye, but I was deliriously happy with my results!


Then my husband turned 25 and I ate oyster for the first time. Ew. Not such an appetizing appetizer. Sometimes I talk about what I eat on this blog because I love that particular activity – eating. But this. Well, this is how that went.


But I was really happy to spend time with my husband 🙂

I moved in on Thursday and we had dinner on the beach on Friday.

This is the life.