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CrossFit: Wisconsin — July 5, 2013

CrossFit: Wisconsin

Hope you all had a safe and happy 4th!

For our holiday, my hunk of a husband and I are in Wisconsin!

Fond du Lac, to be exact.

We were supposed to leave FL and arrive in FDL all in the span of about 2 hours. Well. You know how airports can be finicky. We arrived at the airport, then waited 2 hours…then boarded and flew and landed for a total of about 6 hours. We were a little sad about the delay.


I could use this time to complain about exhaustion, freezing to near-death, waiting and having to be near people who don’t share the same appreciation of good hygienic habits or cover-up-that-part-of-your-body-when-you’re-in-public habits but I won’t. Because I had a wonderful travel partner and it was worth it all to see my family after 16 months.


Thursday was a rest day and we enjoyed watching fireworks, feasting at a cookout, seeing my nieces and eating apple pie! (Well, the apple part. No crust.)

photo 2Of course, before we even set foot on WI soil, my diligent Crossfitting husband had found that good ol’ Fondy has a CF box. Indeed. I was surprised. But thankful. You can do cross training activities anywhere (there’s beauty in that) but it’s always a great thing to find a Crossfit community and be able to keep some semblance of routine. So we made it a point to join their 9:00 am class today.

Not surprised at all to find them next to a tractor dealership 😉 It’s a great box, really. Good people, high ceilings, beautiful view and it’s relatively new. The owner said he started it up less than a year ago. Good for him. People need to know about it so if you live in Fond du Lac – you have no excuse. It was a 10 minute drive from our downtown hotel. It’s worth the drive. Call him up. Join a class. Do some personal sessions. Get familiar with this lifestyle and tap into what your body is capable of. Beyond ellipticals and treadmills. Beyond cardio classes and Zumba. That’s all good and fine – but there’s more out there!

photo 4photo 5

Now that I’ve said that. Our SWOD (strenth) was 5×3 deadlifts (5 sets 3 reps each). I haven’t done any heavy DL since I PRd in Ocala with Coach. I knew my 3 rep max was 155 so I wanted to land somewhere near that. I made it to 145 and simply could not get 150 off the ground even for one rep. That’s what I get for neglecting it for so long. Regression. Mmm.

Our WOD was great – I could only do 2 out of the 3 things as prescribed but that’s the other beauty of this thing! You start somewhere! Everything can be scaled to the level that you are at today.


5 Rounds – (18 Minute Time Cap)

200 Meter Run ( I can do this one)

20 Box Jump Overs (Could not mentally bring myself to do this one)

15 Toes to Bar (Still working on this one)

My scaled version was the run, 20 box jumps (landed on the box, down the other side, turn around, jump on the box, down the other side) and 15 knee tucks. My kipping motion is there – just need to practice getting my hips engaged and up. I finished barely under the 18 minute time cap with 17:46 Scaled but I had fun, I got my heart rate up for an extended period of time and that, my friend, is my goal. I think I felt the elevation a bit toward the end. Who knows, though.
Click here to see a video of what T2B are supposed to look like.

After that and stopping a minute to take in some beautiful scenery…today is a wrap 🙂 Going to catch up with some old friends and take some time with the family.

photo 3
Pistol Squat Work – WI Style