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Clean & Squat – #65 — August 10, 2013

Clean & Squat – #65

So we’ve been at our new box (The Next Level Tampa) for about 2 months now and I’ve finally been convinced to try out the Saturday morning Olympic Lifting Class. I got some good feedback about my snatches during a WOD this week and between my husband and my coach, they got me to show up this morning! I had a fun and managed to sweat just as much as I do during a WOD!

Today was a lot of technique. Slowly building up in weight.

Best way to avoid injury is to do it right, then add the weight. Nobody cares how much you lift if your form is awful. And nobody cares about how much you life if it ends in injury.

Thankfully my husband usually has flawless form and is around to help me correct mine 🙂

Oh – and update! I’ve done 4 RX workouts since we started at my first UNASSISTED pull up last month.

I love tangible results!