Well. It’s been 3 months (insert guilty face).

I’ve been in school and literally all of the writing I do is for that! When I realized it’s been so long since my last blog I knew I had to be deliberate in sitting down and doing a little blog. So here it goes.

In August I almost overheated – obviously I am covered while I workout so that often means wearing a layer or two.

In September I was consistant – 4 to 5 days a week.

In October I went on vacation – did nothing for 14 days (I’m getting good at this guilty face thing).

In November I’m back to consistent! Most of all, I’ve reached a goal that I was determined to reach by January 1st! In the summer we wrote on a large board (that everyone can see!) what our Jan. 1st goal was. People had a variety of things!


So I had 2 goals to accomplish before the new year – Pull up w/out a band and to be able to do pistols (one-legged squats) on both legs. I’ve gotten my pull up (singular) without the band so then I was on to my second challenge. I was almost to doing my right leg in July but no-way-no-how was able to do them on my left. The muscle, flexibility and stability were simply not there. Well – it’s there now!


*Please note: This movement can be done while maintaining complete modesty! 

Top – Lululemon

Skirt – Target

Leggings – Lululemon*

Whoohoo! So I can do multiples on each leg and when they are in a workout, I’ll be ready to do them RX. No more boxes!

Ok – switching subjects really fast. Switching to eating. If anybody know me, they know I like to eat. Yummy things in particular. Dessert, bread, pastas, sauces, anything that falls into the ‘bad for you’ category is pretty much on my ‘favorites’ list. That being said, going gluten-free and attempting to eat as clean as possible for the last 11 months has been one of the toughest challenges for me regarding my health and fitness. When people make comments about how my husband and I eat all I can think is ‘it’s ok – they have no idea that it didn’t come easy. That it still doesn’t come easy.’ It’s just as as hard for me to say no to certain things as it is for the next guy – I don’t have some freaky super power that allows me to deny myself momentary pleasure via a peanut butter pie. I struggle. Still. It’s lessened ever so slightly in that past few months but I would not label it as easy. It takes a lot of commitment.

That being said – finding alternatives has been key for me. My husband is awesome at finding these things. For instance, he made spaghetti (one of my favorites!) the other night but instead of pasta he used black bean noodles – organic and gluten free! This dish is high in fiber, protein and iron. So seriously, you can’t go wrong. Once it was cooked, it was a dark blue color. So. Yep. Blue spaghetti. The taste and texture were pretty consistent with regular pasta – I have no complaints! I love my husband!


Ok. Last subject change. I promise!

My birthday is next Friday (6 days before Thanksgiving) so I’ve been a little reflective on what I’ve accomplished in the last year of my life regarding my health and fitness. Deadlifting, push jerking, pull ups, pistols, hand stand push ups…Feeling good. Feeling proud. Then. I realize. It’s almost Thanksgiving.

But fear not! My hard work will not get tanked in one day!

I have a great way to spend my day. I’m spending it at work! Now before you drop your jaw….

I’m a nanny. My bosses are clean eaters, gluten-free, my husband will be cooking as well, some of my family will be here….it’s going to be awesome! Some of the food will still be heavier than I normally eat but it will all be in line with my dietary boundaries.

But not everyone has that option. So before I finish this blog entry I want to give you a few tips to help you stay on track on Turkey Day. Take ’em or leave ’em. They’re here if you want ’em 🙂

1. Portion control – Just because there’s a huge bowl of stuffing doesn’t mean you need a huge bowl of stuffing! I promise that if you portion moderately you will still be satisfied and full. Take some of everything…try it all if you must. Don’t deprive yourself. But try it with appropriate boundaries.

2. Eat before you eat – If TG is at someone else’s house, have a snack or small meal before you go over. You will be less likely to gorge or overeat if your body doesn’t have the ‘starving’ signal going off! If it’s at your place – do the same thing. Have a snack or a small meal of something you enjoy so the signals in your brain keep the lust of your eyes and stomach at bay.

3. Quality over quantity – if you’re not a ‘have to try it all’ person, that will work in your benefit! Great aunt Marge might be losing her touch with the apple pie so if it’s not that great…avoid it! Instead, have something of high quality of which you can enjoy every bite! Think before you dish out….do I really like that?

That’s it. I’m sure there’s more tips out there but that’s all I’m putting in today.

If you have questions or comments….I’d love to hear ’em 🙂