So it’s been 9 months since my last post.

In July of 2014, Justin and I were in Clearwater, FL – he was coaching full time and I was working out like a mad woman. Or – to me, it felt like a mad woman! 4-5 times a week. It was perfection.

Back track to May of 2014 – we had received some information that led us to think about relocating (again) to Bentonville, AR. There was an open children’s pastor position and beyond Crossfit, beyond health, beyond anything else…that is Justin’s heartbeat. He love kids ministry. He has a passion. He has a burden. He has a desire to see kids grounded in faith.

Anyhow – May passed and I was in huge denial. Arkansas has winter. And God knows I don’t do winters. He loves me and would never make me suffer through cold weather again.

June came. The thought of relocating would pop up and I would happily suppress it.

July came. He’s a full time Crossfit coach! Nothing could pull him away from that!

August came and the leadership at Calvary Tabernacle in Bentonville, AR wanted to fly us out to visit the area.

No. Way. My head could not wrap around leaving Florida. I told Justin August wasn’t an option. I was too busy. (I WAS working every weekend.) Then I went in the bathroom and cried like child. A small child. Big, huge, alligator tears. Wretched sobs. My heart broke and only a supernatural miracle was going to mend it.

September came. We flew into XNA in Fayetteville, AR. Home of the Duggars. #19kids. My reservations were still in full swing.

We stepped off the plane into this ridiculously beautiful weather. Breezy. Sunny. We met people. We walked trails. We ate crepes and tacos off of food trucks. We went to a softball game. And didn’t sweat a drop. We dropped by a Crossfit gym. We walked the square. Sat on a bench and decided we could raise a family in Bentonville, AR. Soon after arriving back to FL, we accepted the offer to become the Kids Ministry Directors at Calvary Tabernacle.

A supernatural miracle did happen. On October 31st, 2014, we packed up our small apartment on Seagate Drive. And on November 3rd, we left FL. I still had more of those alligator tears left. So I let them out. We left our roots. We left family. We left friends. We left the beach and the palm trees. We left full time Crossfit.

Along with his position at the church, Justin got a full time job with Walmart headquarters the day after we arrived in AR. It was another 8 weeks before God placed the perfect nanny family in my life.

We are deliriously happy. The people, the city, the church, the environment – they are all a perfect fit for our lifestyle. God knew what he was doing. He DOES love me. Although, we have had several talks about the winter.

All this and there’s just one glitch. Crossfit doesn’t fit in the budget. I won’t lie to you. It is expensive. Always has been. We were incredibly blessed to have been fee free for so long. Justin working in it had provided a way for us in the past.

So what to do now? How’s a Crossfit girl supposed to survive?

Well – Justin’s job is with Walmart and they provide access to a state-of-the-art fitness center designed solely for Walmart employees and their dependents. We went with it. Better than nothing.

It has been such a blessing to be part of the Walton Life Fitness Center. I’ve had the opportunity to introduce many of my new friends to the physical fitness side of health. There are women who have lost weight, women who have found their motivation, women who have regained confidence….I love to reach out and encourage my girlfriends! This open door has been amazing.


I’ve gained weight since we moved here. Dresses, skirts, even shirts don’t fit the same way. It’s not a lot of weight but it’s unhealthy weight and enough that I notice it. My body was so used to being shocked into action in Crossfit that the WLFC couldn’t offer the challenge, the programming, the motivation that I needed to stay trim. I’ve tried! I use their weight lifting equipment, their tracks, their Crossfit-esque equipment to push myself. But really. I need to tighten up my diet and get back to Crossfit.

It’s been 6 months since we moved. 6 months at WLFC.

I had my first Crossfit workout yesterday. Justin and I dropped in at a box that opened in August. It hurt so good.

We are going to make it work. Justin’s work schedule is set to change on May 18th. He might be able to start coaching part time. That would take care of our membership fees.

This would be another miracle. I can’t be buying new clothes! That’s not in the budget, either!

So to wrap this all up – HUGE changes.

Good changes.

Amazing changes.

I cannot say enough good things about Bentonville, AR. About the people. About our new lives.

I met Jessa Duggar.

Jill Duggar works out in her skirt at WLFC, too.

Calvary Tabernacle Kids (CTKids) is growing, thriving and God has truly blessed us with a great group of kids.

We are starting a vegetable/herb garden. Couldn’t do that on our 3rd floor patio in FL!

Our marriage has seen amazing growth through this time of spreading our wings and trusting God.

He knows what he’s doing. Why it’s hard to remember that through clouds of emotion is beyond me. But we are on the other side of the biggest transition of our lives. 9 months since my last post. And 9 months later, I am thankful.


*Sorry to anyone who thought this post was baby related. The 9 month time gap is totally coincidental.


*Photo Credit: Courtney Boyd, Nova93 Photography