So it’s February 1st. Exactly one month since we all made those pesky resolutions. Well – some people did. I didn’t. I should’ve. But I didn’t. Have you seen the videos people take of their gym right after New Year’s. Places are jam packed.

Did you make any resolutions? Are you sticking with them? I think I heard a stat that says only 8% of people stick with their resolutions. Depressing, huh? Justin and I started the year with a 15-day cleanse. Short and sweet. Not fun. I’m so glad that’s over.

But truthfully, over the last three years this workout-and-eat-pretty-good thing has become so ingrained in our lifestyle that it’s a non-issue. We are going to work out 3+ times a week and we are going to eat well 85% (or more) of the time. It’s just the facts.

So – maybe I should’ve written down some goals like I did waaaaaaaay back in 2014 – things I want to accomplish within those 3+ times a week. If I could time travel back to January 1st, I might make a small list that looked like this.

  1. Butterfly pull-up(s)
  2. Handstand push up(s)
  3. Ring dip(s)

But you know the hardest thing about working out in a skirt?

Finding a workout skirt!

So many are wrong, wrong, wrong! Wrong color. Wrong waistband. Too short. Too tight. Too thick. Too stretchy. Too restricting. Too ugly. Too bulky.

The list is endless. I might be picky. I might not be. But let’s be real. If you’re going to be the odd (wo)man out, you at least want to make it look cute! Well…I do, anyways.

Enter Hannah. Hannah works out in a skirt, too. Hannah realizes there is not enough options for an activewear skirt that is right, right, right. Hannah decides to do something about it.


Why didn’t I think of that?

Hannah acquires Apostolic Sportswear. Rebrands and introduces a new line of sport skirts. Designed for women, by women! Hannah now travels the country promoting her expanding line of sport skirts!

I got a black Classic SportSkirt this summer and am delighted about it! I told Hannah how fantastic it was to have a another sport skirt option! I rotated between 2 skirts for a very long time. One got a hole in it (that’s what happens when you wash it 3x a week) leaving me with 1. So I ordered 2 different ones from other places that were a 3 out of 5 on the “I’m happy with it” o-meter. Options were so limited.

But no longer! I am so happy to introduce you to Mod Sportswear!

Running. Pull ups. Deadlifts. Double unders. Burpees. Hiking. Yoga. Chasing kids.

Whatever is on your list to do today, I promise you can do it in a Mod SportSkirt. Pinky promise. You’re going to get to do all the amazing things us women do and stay covered while doing it!

Just today I did a little running (brrrrr), dead lifting, kettle bell swinging, rope climbing and overhead stuff in my MSW skirt.

*Don’t mind my right hip being so misaligned. I’m overdue for a chiropractor appointment*

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Icing on the cake? You’re gonna look cute!

Sprinkles on the icing on the cake? It has a hugely helpful snap feature! You can snap the skirt at the hem for those activities that might cause your skirt to want to sneak upwards on you! (Handstand push up?)

Ice cream on that sprinkled, icing-ed cake? Enter code INASKIRT in February and March for free shipping when you order two skirts! One for you, one for a friend. Or one for a daughter. One for your sister. For the stranger on the street. Who cares? It’s free shipping!

She has sizes from youth all the way up to Ladies 2XL. Literally. No excuse for you not to give this a try. But seriously. Hurry. Her current line has been selling like hotcakes and your size might not be all that plentiful.

I’m so excited to keep up with MSW. They’ve already improved on the version that I have and they have amazing things coming up this year with a new design and new colors! You have got to keep your eye on this girl. She’s got the right idea.

And there’s nothing like a new outfit to motivate your tooshie at the gym!

With love,


P.S. There is something so amazing about the women I’ve met via this blog. I am NOT alone in being modest while getting fit and I’m so thankful for that. I so deeply respect the women who take their God-given calling to be separated and holy to heart and allow it to permeate every part of their lives. When I post a blog like this that specifically promotes modest sportswear, I truly hope you find it helpful! I have nothing to gain other than the hope of providing resources to women who seek to retain their dignity, grace and value in a world that has long forgotten those terms. ❤