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Avoid lifting more than 15 pounds… — November 1, 2016

Avoid lifting more than 15 pounds…

That title line legitimately came from a birth/pregnancy book I had started and am no longer reading (for obvious reasons).

Why am I reading a birth/pregnancy book? Because WE ARE PREGNANT!

19 weeks along now! We are thrilled to say the least. This was is a much wanted, well-timed, planned-for child and God has truly blessed us with the desire of our hearts!

Back to the line in the book. Ever since the announcement I have lost track of how many people have asked (all in the absolutely sweetest way possible) if I can continue Crossfit.

It’s a legit question. No running. No being out of breath. No overheating. Avoid lifting more than 15 pounds. Don’t ride a bike. Each of these are guidelines I’ve read somewhere at some point in the last 3 months. So…just lay in bed, then? With this type of information out there, no wonder people think I shouldn’t darken the bay door of a Crossfit gym.

Here’s my question. What is it about our culture that sets a pregnant woman aside as a fragile and ready-to-break porcelain flower from day one of conception until long after diapers have taken over her life? This isn’t how I view myself – even being with child!

Do I need more naps? Definitely. But that’s about it. Oh. And more food. For sure.

There are many other cultures that reflect a perspective I prefer – strong, capable women continuing to work (often doing manual forms of labor), care for their families, animals, homes, fields, etc. until their bodies are ready to give birth and continuing once the healing process is complete.

So should I, can I, will I continue to do Crossfit?

The short answer? Absativelyposolutely.

The amazing thing about the timing of this baby is I’ve seen no less than 6 women in our gym go through the entirety of pregnancy and postpartum stages while still working out. And they’ve all done it with amazing vigor – modifying movements or scaling intensity as needed. That’s what I want.

I’ve really had to figure out what was safe and what I was going to be able to do.

This is what I found.

General consensus has finally turned in America – doctors now recommend continuing exercising as normal just not increasing intensity or adding anything new into the picture.

That. I can do.

Maintaining stamina, cardiovascular capacity, muscle tone, mental toughness and NOT gaining 90 pounds are all things that lend themselves to a healthy pregnancy and labor. For real. Eating like a pregnant woman and not working out seems like a recipe for disaster.

There are clear exceptions to this recommendation so be smart. Consult your doctor with any concerns. And by all means – if you or your baby are high-risk then it’s ok to chill out. It’s not worth it if it puts you or your child in harm’s way.


But as for Crossfit, it hasn’t seen the last of me.

I’ve been able to put in an average of 4 workouts a week since this new life nestled itself inside of me. There will be a point where I will have to give up burpees, maybe certain barbell movements and perhaps even sit-ups. But I’m ok with that and very prepared for that day. It’s temporary and so worth the reward!

I’ve found so much inspiration via Instagram – personal accounts of moms that are 41 weeks along and still getting in some resistance band work, #fitbump, @pumpthebump and more! Staying active has so many benefits! You can’t keep me from believing that!

This growing body does require new workout clothes, though. I would be excited about that in normal, every day life…but maternity workout clothes? Nope. Not excited. Like. How does that even work?

I’m about to find out.

Much love,


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