My name is Hillary Jeter and this is a simple documentation of my journey.

In April of 2013 I began an 8-week program that consisted of one-on-one sessions with a coach. The goal was a slow transition into the (what I thought was) highly intimidating world of Crossfit . I learned terms like SDHP, HPC, WOD, double under, pistol, and laid the foundation for a whole new set of skills.

I’d never held a barbell.

Hadn’t jumped rope in 10 years.

At 23, I was tip-toeing into completely new territory.

But I wanted some things. I wanted to increase my strength. To tone my body. To make a change – inside and out. To overcome fear and doubt. To prove I can. To live life to its fullest. To accomplish seemingly unattainable goals.

I started this blog during that 8-week period as a self-accountablity of my journey – my food choices, my emotions, my struggles, my accomplishments and everything in between.

After the 8 weeks, I didn’t stop. My very fit Crossfit coach of a husand and I began this type lifestyle and FL and have continued it here in Bentonville, AR.

The fun part? I do it all in a skirt. In all aspects of my life, I hold fast to my femininity and my desire to please the Lord. One of the ways I honor Him is through modesty – so why should my time at the gym be any different? It shouldn’t.

Join me as I Crossfit in a skirt.

With love,