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NYC & Paleo Me — April 27, 2014

NYC & Paleo Me

My husband and I took a trip up to NYC last week to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. It was fabulous.

photo 1
About to depart!

The hustle and bustle, the people, Times Square, the clothes, the view, Broadway, 5th Ave., the food.

Oh, the food. We ate our way through that city faster than you can say “Vive la Crepe”. We had pre-determined that we weren’t going to hold back. Gluten. Get in our bellies. Grain. Goes in the mouth. Sugar. Sure thing. Nothing was off limits. It was an all out food fest. We had crepes, waffles, fried chicken fingers, sushi, ice cream, popcorn, and I even had an (organic) soda. Oh, my taste buds were tantalized! There was an amazing Paleo place we found that my husband loved. It was awesome – but not what I was in New York for!

(I do recommend Hu Kitchen to each and everyone of you who are more restrained than I and want to stay healthy on your next trip to NYC)

photo 3
Hu Kitchen – Paleo Perfection!
photo 5
Nutella & Strawberry Crepe for this Girl!
photo 1
Most decadent waffle ever. Syrup would have ruined this.
photo 2
Poconos Ice Cream!

Then…after a few days of this unbridled fun, the funniest things started to happen. Well, of course I coughed and coughed and coughed the entire trip. That’s my trademark reaction to gluten. But something else. My husband lost his six pack somewhere (I think it was at the crepe place). I lost the glow in my skin (I think it was the sugar). His skin started to flare up. I had a furious headache and terrible fatigue. All of these outward signs of what we were doing to our insides.

By the time Easter Sunday rolled around (we got home Saturday) I could not get off of the couch. We went to church but as soon as we got home – done. Down for the count. Terrible.

Well, it’s been exactly a week since we’ve been home. On Monday my husband went 100% Paleo. I did too. Until 4 p.m. that day. I HAD to have a Lara bar. Then some chips. And some sour cream on my taco.

Oh boy.

Not a good start. I am ALL or NOTHING in so many areas of my life. This is not one of them.

Tuesday. Paleo. All day. Until 4 p.m. I was STARVING.

Wednesday. Paleo. Until 5 p.m. Chocolate covered nuts. But Justin found his six pack. Good for him. Uggghhh.

Thursday. Paleo. Good job, me. Skin clear and glowing again…

Friday. Paleo. Until 6 p.m. Had to have sauce with my chicken.

That’s when I decided I had to get organized. I ordered a Paleo e-cookbook package and my husband and I sat down and listed all our meals and snacks for the week. I have to be prepared. If I don’t, I freak out and eat whatever is available at work.

I felt much better today. We went shopping at our favorite place – Nature’s Food Patch in Clearwater. We have a super full fridge and we prepped snacks to last us through Wednesday.

Paleo Corn Chips with Spicy Avocado Hummus and Raw Paleo Balls are going to get me through the first part of this week.

This is just the beginning for me. I know I’m going to mess it up again. Same as I did when we went gluten-free. But if I get a handle on it, make up my mind and get my act together I can do it.

Variety and preparation are going to be my best buddies.

Oh, and if you want the super cheap, informative and resourceful Paleo Package, click on the Raw Paleo Balls link above – you can order it from her Home page 🙂


Much Love


photo 4
Central Park
photo 2
Amusing Musical!

photo 3 photo 4





Spartan Up! — April 3, 2014

Spartan Up!


Last month I did a Spartan Race giveaway (so much fun) and this month I want to let you guys know about the Spartan Up! book that is set to be released May 13th! The man behind the Spartan movement writes not only about what it takes to run through mud pits – his perspective on conquering obstacles in life and achieving peak performance in all you do will motivate and inspire you be in a constant mode of excellence.

Pre-orders are happening NOW so don’t wait! Hurry up and Spartan Up!

P.S. Be on the lookout for my upcoming foodie post! It’s a sweet one! Muffins, cookies and brownies, oh my! Whoever said eating clean was boring…should get smacked in the face with some Paleo Thin Mints!

Spartan Race Giveaway Winner Is….. — February 7, 2014
If you are a Master Chef… — January 26, 2014

If you are a Master Chef…

…Then this food post isn’t for you! Stop reading. Seriously.

Anybody who knows anything about me knows that I don’t cook.

It’s not that I can’t. I just don’t. Never have had the motivation. No reason good enough. My palette isn’t even that broad. So noodles have been the extent of my experimenting in the kitchen. When I have tried…things burn, dry out, smell funny…ugh. Just not fun.

God knew this was the case when he set me up with Justin Jeter. He’s a fabulous chef. He’s loves to cook! He has been the sole ‘bread maker’ in our relationship since day one. I think I made 2 meals the the entire first year we were married. It worked out fine when we moved to Clearwater for his job. He got home at 4:30. I arrived home at 5:45 to dinner on the table. Dreamworld, ladies. It was blissful!

Well, God has got the last laugh. My husband took a promotion this month. He now arrives home at 6:30. Hungry. Starving. Ravenous. There is no way I can reasonably expect him to cook dinner at 6:30…to eat at 7:30…it’d be ludicrous. And just downright rude. I’m not a diva. I know when duty calls.

So, I have prayerfully and carefully embraced this new chapter in our lives and embarked on something entirely unknown.


So for the last 3 weeks, I’ve had several successful events. I want to share them with you. Not to revel in the glory of my accomplishments…however meager they may be. But to encourage you. Cooking clean and easy is possible!

If I can do it…it’s not an understatement when I say anybody can do it!

Few things.

1) Crockpot is my best friend.

2) Planning ahead even a little bit will save hundreds…HUNDREDS…of trips to the grocery store.

3) I applaud ALL working mothers, stay at home mothers, wives in general who cook. It is time consuming and messy. But you do it anyways.

Okay. Here are some of the things I managed to pull off! *Links provided

Pan Fried Lemon Chicken – I wasn’t brave enough to photograph my finished product

Sweet Potato and Quinoa Turkey Chili – We did kidney beans instead…my husband love, love, loved this dish!

Sweet Potato Turkey Meatballs – I added bacon, cooked them for 45 minutes. We’ve been eating a lot of sweet potatoes because my husband is carb-loading as he trains for an upcoming competition.

My finished product!

Homemade Granola Bars – We needed something sweet to snack on over the weekend. Bingo! I could eat the whole pan! *I reduced the honey to 1/2 cup. Next time I’ll probably do even less.


I’ve done a few more things (crockpot pork chops were fall-apart-delicious!) but can’t find all the recipes. The nice thing is my husband eats the left overs for the following day or two so if I cook 2-3 times a week…we’re golden!

Anyhow – Look around for good, clean recipes! They’re out there! Let me know if you try any of these! Every one of them was a hit in my house! 🙂 *Idiot-proof, too!

Much love,


Giveaway! It’s a Spartan Race Giveaway! — January 10, 2014

Giveaway! It’s a Spartan Race Giveaway!

What does a Spartan Racer look like?


Watch this amazing video of Spartan racers from all across the world.
Then become one of them!

I have a free race to give away! It’s just 3 easy steps!

1) Click “Follow” on my blog ( – lower right corner)

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Comment on this blog post and let me know that you’ve done all 3 steps and you’ll be entered to win!

The giveaway is good for ANY Spartan Race in the continental U.S. That’s up to a $300 value!

But HERE in Tampa on February 15th, there is a race! So the deadline for entering is Saturday, February 1st and I will announce a winner the following Monday!

Click this link to see details on the race at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa!

Here’s the best part! Just for entering, you’ll be guaranteed to get 15% off a race!

It’s a win-win!

Cheers, friends! Here’s to hoping you discover the Spartan in you!


Goals Of My Own — January 2, 2014

Goals Of My Own

Goals Of My Own

I never dreamed I could accomplish a 15-foot rope climb this year. It wasn’t even on my list of things to accomplish. Just goes to show hard work in one area will pay off in another.


1) 25 Unbroken Double Unders

2) Consecutive Unassisted Pull Ups

3) Knees-to-Elbows/Toes-to-Bar

4) Hand Stand Push Ups

5) Get better at taking my supplements!

Twenty-Fourteen — December 29, 2013



We all do it. We reflect on the old as the new rapidly approaches.

Hopefully you will use the start of a new year as a launching point for your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Perhaps they are the leftovers from 2013. The things you didn’t accomplish or didn’t get to cross off your list.

Or maybe they are brand new goals! New interests and determinations that have found their way into your life.

Either way, I want to encourage you to sit down and really think long and hard about 2014.

With no excuses, no ‘what if it doesn’t…I can’t…’ scenarios, no negativity – without all those things, put in writing the things you would love to be able to say you did at this point next year.

Last year, my husband and I determined we wanted to be gluten-free.

I personally determined to go to workout 3-5 times a week.

If I can give up pasta and bread, do weighted pistols and wake up at 5:15 a.m…next year, I know I can do whatever I put my mind to. 2013 proved to me that my mind and my body are capable of amazing things!

There are so many ways you can improve your own health and fitness – perhaps it’s jump starting your year with a few personal training sessions. Maybe it’s finding a running group or joining a yoga class with a friend. Perhaps it’s determining to no longer keep soda in the house. It might be cutting back on eating out or making better choices when you do eat out.

Whatever it may be, tailor it to fit your needs!

So go! Now 🙂 Write down 3 health/fitness related goals. Then come back.

Ok. Now that you know your goal – it’s time to make a plan. Without a plan, you’re planning to fail.

(Only 8% of people who set ‘resolutions’ actually obtain success. It’s due to lack of planning! Snapping your powder-sugar covered fingers will not put you on the road to Healthyville!)

How are you going to accomplish your goals? Knowing how is just as important as knowing what.

Start with the end in mind and then baby step backwards to the point you are at now.

Your life is different than mine so our plans will not be the same. I don’t have kids. Maybe you have to factor in your children’s school schedule or the childcare that will be required. Maybe you have to be at work at 7:00 so a 6:00 class that I can swing is unreasonable for you….

Whatever you decide, find your balance! Don’t bite off more than you can chew – but don’t sell yourself short, either!

Of course, I’m talking specifically about your health and fitness – but don’t stop there!

Balance yourself within your marriage, your church, your job, your family, your money….the same approach will work. Create a plan. List your baby steps.

In all of these areas, make sure you push yourself – it might be uncomfortable but that’s the point.

Comfort leaves you in the place you are now.

I look forward to hearing about your goals, plans and accomplishments in 2014!

Best of luck in the new year, friends!


Fanny Falling — December 17, 2013

Fanny Falling


So I follow some blogs, watch videos, keep up with how other people train and eat.

I’ve noticed a pattern of people only posting personal records, better times, bigger biceps, and heavier weights. 

I’m guilty. After all, who wants to announce the fact that they’ve just had their slowest time, that they fell on their box jumps or can’t get a double under to save their life? And failed attempts videos are no-no uploads. There is a serious risk that such a post might end up on Youtube with over a million hits.

Don’t believe me? Just search ‘gym fail’.

Anyhow – I had fall on my fanny day. In the most literal sense. During our SWOD (power cleaning) and again during the WOD (wall balls). I may have a bruise. 

And it got me thinking about how people handle failure. Particularly pertaining to fitness.

When they binge, can’t hit a new PR, don’t workout for weeks on end or actually fall on their face in front of everyone in class…it’s definitely not posted on Instagram. Can you imagine? “OMG look how much Papa Johns I ate…my stomach is hanging over my waistline!” Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad the people I’m connected to don’t post that. 

But why the insatiable need to broadcast only our good days? To make our intermittent successes seem like a perpetual series of events? Why do we hide the bumps in our journey? Why are we so hesitant to confess that it took hundreds of attempts to finally get that pistol?

I guess I’m looking for my own balance. I do not (NOT) perform the way I want to on a daily basis. I don’t want to broadcast my failures as a sympathy seeking device – but nor do I want to be misleading by only putting my best face forward. I want to be able to handle my fails and my wins with class, dignity and a smile. 

Be real, folks. That would be my point of all this.

Playing the part of perfection is not expected – nor is it realistic. 

Keep Pushin’ Up 🙂


A Week’s Worth of Wardrobe — December 1, 2013

A Week’s Worth of Wardrobe

Well – Thanksgiving has come and gone! One holiday down…how did you fare?

I fared well – quite well! I was spoiled rotten with gourmet foods cooked by other people! For example…

Bacon wrapped, goat cheese stuffed dates

Sweet potato casserole topped with candied pecans

Braised, brined, perfected organic turkey

Mixed berry cobbler with cashew sauce

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

And quite honestly, the list goes on!

But I did make it to the gym Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so I had no guilt when it came to enjoying every bite. Every last bite.

But this isn’t a food post! (Believe it or not.) It’s a clothing post!

Since starting Crossfit I’ve realized that the standard uniform for women is tiny shorts and a sports bra. But since I’ve joined,  I’ve had comments about my modesty in the gym. My husband has even had people comment to him about my appearance. You know what they say? Positive things! They say how well I stay covered while looking cute. How comment on how they appreciate the choice I’ve made. I’ve been asked so many times if I’m a dancer (I think that’s a combo of the top knot and the clothes) and I take that as a compliment. Not one person has had a negative thing to say. Not one.

So on average I workout 3-4 days a week. Sometimes more – I try not to do less.

But that means  I need 3-5 modest outfits to accommodate that schedule! This can be a challenge. Not impossible…but a challenge, nonetheless. Why is it a challenge?

I am picky. Very picky.

My leggings can’t be too tight at the waist (I don’t want a muffin top). My skirts have to sit at a certain spot on my hips (no riding up). My shirts have to come to hips and be a certain level of snug at the bottom seam (I have short legs – proportion is important!).

I want to be cute – I want to be able to move – I want to feel feminine – I want, I want, I want!

I try on everything before I buy it. Only once in my life have I bought athletic attire online. It was successful for the most part but I rarely take those kinds of risk.

That being said…Here are some examples of what I wear. Whether it’s your style or not, at least these are some ideas of where to begin!


Ok, so this was a workout that didn’t have anything overhead. That’s important to know because I’m wearing a loose fitting top. Almost every day in Crossfit, you are upside down or have your hands over your head. If during those movements you have something loose fitting, you will without a doubt be revealing all of your abdomen. Ew. Not cute. To avoid a mishap, I check the posted WOD for my Crossfit box before I get dressed in the morning to see what clothing is appropriate.

Shirt – Champion (sold at Target)

Skirt – Danskin wide-leg capris converted by a friend (sold at Walmart)

Leggings – 90 Degree by Reflex (Marshall’s)



My blog last week touched on this outfit but it’s one I use often! Because I love-love-love it! The skirt is a-line (great for squats, pistols, burpees), the shirt is snug (no flopping over my head if I’m upside down) and it has pretty lace for a feminine flare. The leggings are highly durable so they can resist bars scraping up your legs (for cleans, dead lifts, snatches, etc.) without showing signs of wear.

Shirt – Lululemon (in store or

Skirt – Merona (sold at Target)

Leggings – Lululemon (in store or


This shirt was a great find! It’s the material that wicks away sweat. It’s stretchy but again, snug enough to keep me covered when I’m knocking out some pull-ups. Don’t forget the a-line on the bottom! I have a preference for neutral bottoms and fun tops…

Shirt – Calvin Klein Athletics (Marshall’s)

Skirt – Mossimo (sold at Target)

Leggings – New Balance (Marshall’s)

Ok, just two more and that will give you a full weeks worth of looks!


This top is like 100% cotton or something but I love it – snug around the bottom to keep it in place but breathable. The skirt is a repeat from above – a-line so stretching is made easy!

Shirt – Avia (Marshall’s)

Skirt – Mossimo (sold at Target)

Leggings – I’m not even sure what the brand is but I know where I bought ’em! (Marshall’s)

Last one and you can get back to your dishes, homework, Facebook-status-checking and all other necessities of life!


This is a cold-weather top. It’s half zip and has the soft material on the inside. It was 39 degrees when I went to work out the morning that I wore this so it was quite suitable! It’s more of a running top than a lifting top (I found out as the zipper dug into my skin when I was front squatting after the WOD) but I would use it again for another WOD. As you can see…I wear mine a little more snug than the product picture that Nike uses on their model.

Shirt – Nike (Marshall’s)

Skirt – Merona (sold at Target)

Leggings – Derek Heart (Marshall’s)

Did you guys notice a pattern? I buy ALOT of my stuff at Marshall’s! They always have an activewear clearance area. And even if I pay full price at Marshall’s, it’s still a good deal! If you’re not a money-saving-lover like me, then feel free to become a frequent shopper at Lululemon. It’s the sweatiest hour of my day so I’m only going to get expensive stuff if someone else is buying it for me (hint – I put workout stuff on my birthday and Christmas lists).

Other places to search around would be Athleta, TitleNine, Target, Gap, and Old Navy stores or online. I piece together my items one at at time. And I never buy anything unless I love it. If I don’t love it, I know I won’t wear it.

Love what you wear. Love what you workout in. It makes it that much easier to get yourself motivated!

So, stay modest ladies.

My own personal guideline is this –  If I wouldn’t wear it to walk into my church doors…don’t wear it to walk into the gym doors.

Find your own personal guidelines while remembering that you are an example every moment of your life.

That’a all for today, folks! I may do another one of these down the road if you liked it enough?


A Pistol, Blue Spaghetti, 24 & Eat-Your-Heart-Out Day. — November 19, 2013

A Pistol, Blue Spaghetti, 24 & Eat-Your-Heart-Out Day.

Well. It’s been 3 months (insert guilty face).

I’ve been in school and literally all of the writing I do is for that! When I realized it’s been so long since my last blog I knew I had to be deliberate in sitting down and doing a little blog. So here it goes.

In August I almost overheated – obviously I am covered while I workout so that often means wearing a layer or two.

In September I was consistant – 4 to 5 days a week.

In October I went on vacation – did nothing for 14 days (I’m getting good at this guilty face thing).

In November I’m back to consistent! Most of all, I’ve reached a goal that I was determined to reach by January 1st! In the summer we wrote on a large board (that everyone can see!) what our Jan. 1st goal was. People had a variety of things!


So I had 2 goals to accomplish before the new year – Pull up w/out a band and to be able to do pistols (one-legged squats) on both legs. I’ve gotten my pull up (singular) without the band so then I was on to my second challenge. I was almost to doing my right leg in July but no-way-no-how was able to do them on my left. The muscle, flexibility and stability were simply not there. Well – it’s there now!


*Please note: This movement can be done while maintaining complete modesty! 

Top – Lululemon

Skirt – Target

Leggings – Lululemon*

Whoohoo! So I can do multiples on each leg and when they are in a workout, I’ll be ready to do them RX. No more boxes!

Ok – switching subjects really fast. Switching to eating. If anybody know me, they know I like to eat. Yummy things in particular. Dessert, bread, pastas, sauces, anything that falls into the ‘bad for you’ category is pretty much on my ‘favorites’ list. That being said, going gluten-free and attempting to eat as clean as possible for the last 11 months has been one of the toughest challenges for me regarding my health and fitness. When people make comments about how my husband and I eat all I can think is ‘it’s ok – they have no idea that it didn’t come easy. That it still doesn’t come easy.’ It’s just as as hard for me to say no to certain things as it is for the next guy – I don’t have some freaky super power that allows me to deny myself momentary pleasure via a peanut butter pie. I struggle. Still. It’s lessened ever so slightly in that past few months but I would not label it as easy. It takes a lot of commitment.

That being said – finding alternatives has been key for me. My husband is awesome at finding these things. For instance, he made spaghetti (one of my favorites!) the other night but instead of pasta he used black bean noodles – organic and gluten free! This dish is high in fiber, protein and iron. So seriously, you can’t go wrong. Once it was cooked, it was a dark blue color. So. Yep. Blue spaghetti. The taste and texture were pretty consistent with regular pasta – I have no complaints! I love my husband!


Ok. Last subject change. I promise!

My birthday is next Friday (6 days before Thanksgiving) so I’ve been a little reflective on what I’ve accomplished in the last year of my life regarding my health and fitness. Deadlifting, push jerking, pull ups, pistols, hand stand push ups…Feeling good. Feeling proud. Then. I realize. It’s almost Thanksgiving.

But fear not! My hard work will not get tanked in one day!

I have a great way to spend my day. I’m spending it at work! Now before you drop your jaw….

I’m a nanny. My bosses are clean eaters, gluten-free, my husband will be cooking as well, some of my family will be here….it’s going to be awesome! Some of the food will still be heavier than I normally eat but it will all be in line with my dietary boundaries.

But not everyone has that option. So before I finish this blog entry I want to give you a few tips to help you stay on track on Turkey Day. Take ’em or leave ’em. They’re here if you want ’em 🙂

1. Portion control – Just because there’s a huge bowl of stuffing doesn’t mean you need a huge bowl of stuffing! I promise that if you portion moderately you will still be satisfied and full. Take some of everything…try it all if you must. Don’t deprive yourself. But try it with appropriate boundaries.

2. Eat before you eat – If TG is at someone else’s house, have a snack or small meal before you go over. You will be less likely to gorge or overeat if your body doesn’t have the ‘starving’ signal going off! If it’s at your place – do the same thing. Have a snack or a small meal of something you enjoy so the signals in your brain keep the lust of your eyes and stomach at bay.

3. Quality over quantity – if you’re not a ‘have to try it all’ person, that will work in your benefit! Great aunt Marge might be losing her touch with the apple pie so if it’s not that great…avoid it! Instead, have something of high quality of which you can enjoy every bite! Think before you dish out….do I really like that?

That’s it. I’m sure there’s more tips out there but that’s all I’m putting in today.

If you have questions or comments….I’d love to hear ’em 🙂