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Summer and Such… — July 15, 2014

Summer and Such…

It’s been almost 3 months since my last post. I’m well aware, thank you very much.

But seriously – some of the best things have been happening! 

When Justin and I went on our trip to NYC, we were contemplating a career change for him. He switched from medical care to preventative health in January of 2013 and was recruited to join a supplement company as they go from multi-million dollar company to multi-multi-multi million dollar company! What a fantastic and valuable experience…!

We also joined The Next Level Crossfit Tampa (as you know). In October of 2013, Justin became certified as a Crossfit trainer and  started working any extra hours he could coaching night classes and on the weekends.



He found that he love, l-o-v-e, loved it.Enough to do it all the time. Enough to want to learn how to run the box in hopes of opening his own at some point. We contemplated the pros and cons for months. It’s a pay cut. It has risk involved. But he loves it. It loves him. It’s flexible. He can learn the business without owning the business. We don’t have kids. Or a mortgage. Or debt. So why not take the leap?

So that was that. After praying, thinking, talking, debating, stressing, debating, talking, thinking, praying and deciding – July 1st was Justin’s official first day as a full-time trainer and Crossfit coach at TNL Tampa. It’s been a full 2 weeks since he’s taken the position.



He works with fantastic, skilled co-coaches, has a great boss and I keep hearing such positive feedback from all of the members at the box about his people skills, his training style and his passion for the sport. But the best part is that once he settles in, he will begin working on piloting TNL’s personal training program. 

This is amazing to me for several reasons. First, Crossfit can be intimidating. I don’t care who you are. When you see the videos of big athletes throwing around heavy, large objects, dangling from bars and rings, all while sweating profusely with their muscles bursting at the seams…it just has a way of making people want to avoid it. That’s the effect it had on me, anyhow. I did an 8 week personal training session that set me up for success in the Crossfit environment – I worked on learning the movements, the mechanics, the lingo, the workouts, the equipment. It was all brand new to to this traditional machines and treadmills girl. Now I’m a huge advocate for getting involved in Crossfit in any way you can. Including starting small with a personal trainer.

That being said, personal training at a Crossfit box offers a non-intimidating introduction to Crossfit and all of its beauty!

Second, it will be available in many different forms! Clients can split between classes and personal sessions, small groups can be accommodated (group of 3 girlfriends, etc.), it can be an 8-week program or as extended as the client wants or needs, it can be as frequent or infrequent as needed and it can be scaled to athlete of all abilities.

Lastly, it can be customized! Crossfit workouts are varied daily – that’s the point. It’s not just about weight loss or only muscle building or only cardio. It’s about doing it all. But in all of that variety, some skills may not be practiced or consistently utilized.  With the option of starting off with or adding in personal training, the client has the advantage of charting the course and setting the goal – whatever that may be.

Focus on skills. Focus on form. Focus on weight loss. Focus on toning. Train for a competition. Train for an obstacle race.  Whatever it may be, a custom program is designed and applied for each client to obtain optimal results. 

This is exciting to me! I cannot wait to see what blossoms from his endeavor…!

If you happen to live in the Tampa/Clearwater/Westchase area, give TNL a call and set up a consultation to see if Justin can help you hit your goal. Tell him I sent you. Maybe he’ll give you a special deal!

With love for all things fit,